hello everyone! My name is Objectshowfan! If you do not know what is Brawl Of The Objects it is another object show that they are battling for "THE GRAND PRIZE" we do not know what it looks like but the only one who know what it is and what it does it look like is Popsicley (sorry if I may spelled her name wrong) while the other contestants are still unknown about it. Okay here are the teams + Elimination order: Team Chocolate and Team Vanilla The memebers on Team Chocolate Pizza (LEADER) (3rd to be eliminated but then came back) - Winner? Hot Dog -Winner? Chocolately (CO-LEADER) (10th) | | (Popsiclely was the 7th) Popsiclely Scissors (1st to be eliminated) Baguette (10th) Boat (9th) Big Orange chicken (A newbie and was 6th) Shelly - Winner? Slurpy (8th)

The memebers on Team Vanilla Party Hat (LEADER) - Winner? BoomBox (5th) Shieldy - Winner? Pine Cone (4th) Pear (2nd to be eliminated)

Okay those are all the memebers if I mistakenly miss someone you can comment me or misspelled something :) If you want to know the elimination order it is on where the teams. Who WON?! WHAT IS THE GARND PRIZE?! WE WILL FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE!!! (I will update who will win and put the ranks on everyone who did not won)