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Unexpected Expedition
Brawl of the Objects Episode 10- Unexpected Expedition-1436543585

Brawl of the Objects Episode 10- Unexpected Expedition-1436543585

Season 1,Episode 10

Challenge Explore the Cave in Pairs and get the treasure back to the surface,without opening it.
Winner(s) Baguette and Party Hat
Eliminated Slurpy (208 votes) (Record)
Next Episode If You Can't Take The Heat
Previous Episode Downhill Disasters
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Hot Dog's box hits Pizza at the elimination.

Unexpected Expedition is the 10th episode of Brawl of the Objects.  It is a very varietated episode.  It aired on April 1, 2014, as an April Fools' Joke that there is a further delay.

Transcript Available


During the elimination, the total number of votes rises to 621.

Shieldy - 15 votes

Pizza - 24 votes

Hot Dog - 28 votes

Shelly - 40 votes

Chocolatey - 62 votes

Party Hat - 103 votes

Baguette - 141 votes

Slurpy - 208 votes (out)

After opening their boxes, everyone gets a flashlight except Pizza who gets a map.  Both of them are useful actually.

Elimination Results

Portrait Contestant # of Votes % of Votes Changes from last time
Shieldy vector
Shieldy 15 2.415% 7 less than last time
Pizza vector
Pizza 24 3.864% 66 less than last time
Hotdog vector
Hot Dog 28 4.51% 27 more than last time
Shelly vector
Shelly 40 6.44% 20 more than last time
Chocolatey vector
Chocolatey 62 9.983% 62 more than last time
Party hat
Party Hat 103 16.586% 72 more than last time
Baguette vector
Baguette 141 22.705% 139 more than last time
Slurpy vector
Slurpy 208 (New Record) 33.5% 153 more than last time
Total 621(New Record) 286 more than last time

A Little Party

Controlly announces that there's a little party, followed by Party Hat excitedly offering to set it up.  Controlly then says NO, and says "Happy first anniversary and first double-digit episode number for BOTO! *noisemaker*", and that's all the party is, saddening Party Hat.

Teams of Two

Controlly says the contestants will be split into teams of two, and they split thus in no time:

But Controlly already assigned the pairs, saddening them.  Each contestant is with someone that hardly ever interacted with him/her, so (s)he's not with his/her friend but (s)he's not with his/her enemy either (ex. if Firey and Coiny were in here, since they hate each other, they spoke in each other's faces a lot, so they wouldn't be paired):

  • Baguette and Party Hat
  • Pizza and Shelly
  • Shieldy and Chocolatey
  • Hot Dog and Boat

There is something remarkable about each pair:

  • Baguette and Party Hat compete in the asymmetrical mini-challenge in Revisiting the Tournament Bracket
  • Pizza and Shelly are best buddies in Man's Gotta Do
  • Shieldy and Chocolatey were my original prediction for the final two in BOTO.
  • Hot Dog and Boat sat at the table and talked in Unprepared To Be Scared.  Does that mean I refuted Controlly about non-interacting?

The Challenge

Controlly says that the challenge is to go into a cave, keeping your flashlight on, then find your way to the treasure, but you can't open or you'll have to face the unspeakable consequences.  There are a ton of traps and obstacles, but Baguette is a brave caver.

When Chocolatey realizes that they lost any sign of a natural light source, Shieldy turns on his flashlight.  Boat and Pizza then realize that their teams have only one flashlight.


  • Pizza and Boat didn't have flashlights during the challenge; Pizza because he got a map and Boat because she won so she wasn't at the elimination.
  • There are 8 people up for elimination, more than ever.
  • Party Hat got a ton more votes than Shieldy, particularly because of his strictness.
  • "Chocolatey is the only contestant left yet to say "what?".  Rumor has it that she'll be eliminated next episode, and she'll say 'What?!' when this is revealed." Now that Episode 11 is out, the truth is revealed about this - she isn't eliminated, but she says "what?" four times.
  • If Controlly said "Since there are 2 more boys then girls, we need some boy to crossdress for this challenge!" and the boys agreed it would be Party Hat, all 4 pairs would be opposite-gender.
  • This is the last episode to be animated with Anime Studio.