Team Chocolate

Team Chocolate's Logo

Team Chocolate is a team in BOTO (Brawl Of The Objects). The team captains are Pizza and Chocolatey and the opposing team is Team Vanilla.


Contestant     Gender Rank on team Rank voted off Episode
Scissors Female 8th 15th The Ever Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall
Pizza Male Returns Returns Go, Battle Monster!
Big Orange Chicken Male 7th 11th Meet Your Match
Popsicley Female 6th 10th Downhill Disasters
Chocolatey Female TBA 7th Rookie Mistakes
Pizza (after rejoining in Downhill Disasters) Male TBA TBA TBA
Baguette Male TBA 6th Rookie Mistakes
Hot Dog Male TBA TBA TBA
Boat Female 5th 8th If You Can't Take The Heat



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