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Shieldy vector
Voiced By: Nicholas
Gender Male
Species Shield
Team Team Vanilla
Episode eliminated Yet to be eliminated...
Place Yet to be determined...
Friends Boombox, Party Hat, Hot Dog, Pizza, Slurpy, ( Possible love interest ) Big Orange Chicken
Rivals Pear, Scissors
Color Blue and Gray
Voiced by {{{voice}}}

Shieldy is a contestant on Brawl of the Objects who was put on Team Vanilla.


Shieldy is another well-liked contestant. He's best friends with Party Hat, and even made friends with Big Orange Chicken. His deflective powers has made him a force to be reckoned with in the challenges, and is a good team player, he works best with others.


In How It All Began, Slurpy was trying to talk to Shieldy. Since Shieldy was being quiet, Slurpy got mad. When the challenge started, he drove in the car with Hot Dog, Pizza, Party Hat, and Boom Box. The van made it to the finish line first, but since Shieldy was in the back seat, he was not a captain.

In BOTO: The Videogame, Shieldy was chosen last of the people who rode in the van, but was still chosen third onto Party Hat's team. In the challenge, he died by cannon and barrel, but he went onto the boss part. He actually defeated the hacker by amusingly deflecting a laser with his own self. and won immunity for him and his team. He also almost recieved a kiss from Princess Diamond, but instead she said her husband was looking for her, and slapped him.


  • Shieldy is one of two major characters to be voiced by someone other than Antony, the other being Controlly.
    • He is also the only contestant to have a unique voice actor.
  • Shieldy is currently the least voted for contestant with only 49 votes overall.
  • Shieldy is the only male contestant whose name ends with a Y.
  • A lot of people want Shiedly to win "Brawl Of The Objects"

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