Voiced by: Antony/Anko6
Gender Male
Species Notepad
Team no team
Episode eliminated not a contestant
Place not a contestant
Friends Shieldy, Party Hat, Xylophone
Rivals Pear and Scissors
Color White, Blue and Red
Voiced by {{{voice}}}

Notepad is a male candidate for debuting in A Treasured Welcome.  He is recommended by Nicholas Chadderton (Now currently known as Nicky Bandeaux).  He has 14 votes, so he does not make it in.

His only lines are, "Oh, wait, we're recording?" (Go, Battle Monster!), "Wait, what was that last part?" (in response to Controlly saying "you'll disappear!") and "AWW!!" (A Treasured Welcome).


  • He's best friends with Shieldy in Season 2.
  • He can memorize many things at once, just like Dodecahedron can.
*This makes sense, as he is a notepad.

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