Pear: You are so lucky you get to be the princess! Like, you of all people! Seriously! I would've been such a better--

Scissors: Look. I'm pretty sure we've established that we're all sharing a dream where we're eliminated but it doesn't even matter.

Pear: Well, still! It's driving me nuts!

Scissors: Look. I frankly don't want to be a princess. I have all these important duties I have to do! These cleaning people are always in my room and I always have this creepy butler following me! Give me the queen for all my care!

Butler: Actually, your highness, she can't be the queen. She has the royal blood.

Scissors: None of us have blood, now go away!

Butler: Are you sure you wouldn't like anything to eat?

Scissors: NO.

Butler: Maybe something to drink?

Scissors: NO!

Butler: What about a hot fleece cloth?

Scissors: NO!!! Go away!!!

Butler: As you wish, your highness.

Scissors: And stop calling me that!

Butler: Yes, your highness.

Pear: Boy, it sure sucks to be princess.

Pizza: Uh, Pinecone, you go for me. Ya know, I never really got how to play chess.

Boombox: Yeah. Um...why aren't you going?

Butler: I will someday have you are exiled for not knowing how to play chess.


Shieldy: Hey, Big Orange Chicken! Okay I know everyone else has not only taken the time to know you. So I decided to get you some birdseed!

B.O.C.: Bawk!

Party Hat Sleeping (picture constructed by Nicholas McConnell)


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