Lavalamp pose
Voiced by: Thomas
Gender Male
Species Lavalamp
Team N/A
Episode eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Friends Controlly, Baseball, Pizza (a little bit), Shieldy, Baguette, Hot Dog, Shelly, Party Hat, Slurpy, Boombox
Rivals Scissors and Pear
Color Blue and Gray
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Lavalamp is a guest judge of BOTO.  He is a famous pop-singer.

BOTO's Next Star

He is a guest judge of the singing contest, along with Baseball from II and Controlly.

He gives scores according to the following chart:

Lavalamp's Judgments of the Songs
Names of Singers Song Name Lavalamp's Score out of 10 Reason
Popsicley, Chocolatey A rap by Popsicley and Chocolatey 1 Not allowed to rap.
Baguette Folk song Alouette 7 Voice was good.
Hot Dog, Shelly Brighter Tomorrow 9 Impressive.
Boat Row, Row, Row Your Boat 2 Boring and short.
Party Hat, Shieldy, Slurpy, Boombox The Internet Song 7 Liked it.
Pinecone Unknown 2 It was weird.
Pizza Super Mario Bros "I'm Invincible!" 0 He sang so loudly that Lavalamp broke.

When Pizza is scared about singing, Lavalamp gets him to sing by saying:

"Hey, kid.  All of us stars start of shy like you, and look where we've ended.  You're only gonna be judged by us three, and you don't need to feel like this.  You might even be like me one day.*  Just sing like you mean it.  Sing your heart out!  Because, I know you're special, and you can DO IT!"

Except he is annoyed by his singing.


  • Just like he comforts Pizza when he's too nervous to sing in BOTO's Next Star, he comforts Shieldy when he's afraid to put on his glasses in my parody Shieldy's Vision.  He also shows up in BOTO's Own BFDI; getting with Team Chocolate when Controlly is with Team Vanilla on their journey to Dream Island.  In the epilogue of BOTO's Own BFDI, Pizza asks if the host should be Controlly or Lavalamp.
  • Rumor has it that he's Controlly's co-host or assistant, or maybe he'll host an episode where Controlly can't.