How It All Ended is the thirteenth and final episode of Brawl of the Objects. It was released on September 1, 2018.

On August 19, 2018, Anko6 uploaded a clever preview to YouTube, revealing that:

  • Balance beams, a forest, and the Ever Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall will be
  • There will be action and unexpected surprises
  • Almost every character in BOTO 1-12 will appear; e.g., the rock monster from BOTO 10's cave is out in the daylight speaking English
  • The aforementioned release date
  • At one point on the bleachers, Popsicley asks Starry, "Who are you rooting for?"

He was so set on the release date of August 25, that he did not realize how long it would really take him to complete the episode.


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After a long season, the final 5 - PartyHat, Shieldy, Shelly, Pizza, and HotDog - compete in a multi-part challenge to see who will win the grand prize! Who will win the game? Find out in this brand now episode of Brawl of the Objects! :D --- A LOT of work went into this one. But now it's done. Oh my god it's done. And I juts hope it's all I wanted it to be for you guys. I did my best to make reference to every BOTO episode in this one, and tie the loose ends with the important background characters. Overall I just wanted to give you guys a sense of finality with this one, as it is the end of the series. I'm happy to end it here, as I don't feel Brawl of the Objects would feel the same anymore if it were continued beyond this point. Still, it was all fun while it lasted, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to entertain you all with my childhood characters.




  • This is the final episode of Brawl of the Objects overall.


Contestant Votes Vote Difference Percentage
Hot Dog 193 22 more than last time 8.87%
Pizza 383 45 more than last time 17.61%
Party Hat 409 173 more than last time 18.81%
Shelly 459 341 more than last time 21.11%
Shieldy 784 679 more than last time 36.06%
Total 2,198 (Record) 50 more than last time