voiced by ummm
Gender Male
Species French Croissant
Team none
Episode eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Friends Baguette (son)
Rivals Unknown
Color ( body ) yellowest orangeest ( bray ) black ( mustache ) darkest brown
Voiced by {{{voice}}}

Croissant ( Baguette's dad ) is a male


Croissant lived in France, but his adventures took place everywhere but there! He lived to adventure! He was so brave and devoted, and he was also a really good man. He would always tell his son Baguette about his adventures,and his dream was to travel around the whole world! One of Baguette's favourite stories was when he explored a cave, he was so courageous for a piece of bread!And after all of his adventures, he painted the scene where he created his exciting stories; he was a real artist! He always told Baguette that his painting of the cave was a masterpiece...


  • called him baguette's dad
  • he lived in france
  • he's a real artist!
  • he told his son baguette

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