Controlly vector
Gender Male
Species Console Controller
Team N/A
Episode eliminated N/a
Friends Console and everyone except enemies.
Rivals Scissors, Pear, Controller
Color Black with Dark Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple Buttons
Voiced by Anko6

(Episode 1 Only) Alex (Currently)

Controly body

Controlly Idle

Controlly is the host of Brawl of the Objects.

He shows that he does not like some contestants and decides to be harsh, and when people complain, he says that it is the rules of objects shows. It is unknown which console controller he is. BMO helping Dying Pigs

He seems to be wireless and it is unknown where Console is.

He is seen sleeping in this video, as well as everyone else:

He is also the equivalent of Controller in the fake show of Battle of the Objects.