Big Orange Chicken
Gender Male
Species Morbidly Obese Chicken
Team Team Chocolate
Episode eliminated Meet Your Match
Place 11th (146 votes)
Friends Boombox, Shieldy, Slurpy (One Sided On his Side)
Rivals Baguette, Popsicley, Pear, Scissors
Color Orange and Red and Yellow
Voiced by A Chicken

Big Orange Chicken (often abbriviated as BOC) is a reccommended character who debuted in Go, Battle Monster! He entered the game with 52 votes in A Treasured Welcome and was placed on Team Chocolate. 2 episodes after debuting, he was eliminated with 146 votes.


Debuting six episodes in the game, no one quite knows what goes on in that big orange head of his. Despite being the only contestant who isn't an object, he still manages to make a few friends during his short time in the game, when he's not laying eggs that is.

Big Orange Chicken's End

Big Orange Chicken's End. He may rest in piece.


  • He was recommended by XanyLeaves, best known for being an animator on Inanimate Insanity II and Object Overload.
  • He is the only contestant in BOTO who isn't an object, he is an animal
    • He is also the 6th contestant in Object Show history that isn't an object. The first five were David from Battle for Dream Island, Dora from BFDI's second season, Fat Alien and Yellow Spider from Challenge To Win, Yin-Yang from Inanimate Insanity and Yellow Face from BFDI's 2nd season. and 7th is Catty from Object Landscape. The 8th is Jeffy from Object Division.
    • Also, he is the 2nd character in object show history that is an animal(the first being Yellow Spider and 3rd being Catty).
  • Big Orange Chicken says his own name (BOC), like a Pokémon