Baseball Cap / ExtremeBattleMonsterLord_66.7
Bandicam 2013-06-13 16-18-19-487
Voiced by: Antony/Anko6
Gender Male
Species Baseball Cap
Team Team Chocolate (if all pairs are of opposite-team members in the first round of the battle)
Episode eliminated None
Place None
Friends Controlly (possibly)
Rivals Everyone
Color Red
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
Baseball Cap is a character in Go, Battle Monster! who joins the game when there's an extra card.  He doesn't win first, as he is beaten by Chocolatey because she believed in her card.

He likes being called "ExtremeBattleMonsterLord_66.7".


  • "Oh, ooh!  I wanna join!"
  • "I'm Baseball Cap, but you can call me ExtremeBattleMonsterLord_66.7 and I'm the master of this card game!"
  • "ExtremeBattleMonsterLord_66.7!!"
  • "Yaees... YAAAEEES..."
  • "What?!  How did you defeat me?"


At some point in the video his mouth is gone.

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