Baguette and Pinecone in Episode 1

This page focuses on the interactions between Baguette and Pinecone.


Pinecone becomes Baguette's friend after he feels bad for squashing him.

In How It All Began, Baguette apologized to Pinecone for squishing him, but when he told stories Pinecone was asleep.

In BOTO's Next Star, he asked if they were having a singing contest.  Pinecone replied, and Baguette assumed he said yes.  When Baguette chose a song he asked Pinecone what to do next.

In Downhill Disasters, when Pinecone voted Baguette he said "Pinecone, I thought we were friends!"

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

In How It All Began, Baguette squished Pinecone, resulting in Pinecone voting for Baguette to be eliminated in Downhill Disasters.

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